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Spirit International

Spirit International is headquartered in Dallas, Texas (TX) and has always pushed to be an industry leader in offering their clients innovative and engaging solutions for over 27 years. Other Spirit International companies and services include: LED lighting tailored to retail settings, POP design and displays, packaging design, children’s furniture, golf accessories and an offshore trading company. With over 1,500 employees, domestic and international, Spirit owns and operates its own manufacturing facilities, and maintains strong business relationships with multiple vendors crossing a wide range of capabilities.

Spirit International


Since 1995 Spirit has evolved from primarily focusing on jewelry displays and packaging to designing complete retail environments as well as the design, manufacturing and installation of all fixtures and displays.


We are finding new ways to design a more impactful environment while removing barriers. Our creative staff embraces new materials and technology, incorporating them into design solutions that attract, engage, inform and excite customers.


Working with some of the world’s most successful retailers and brands, we develop solutions for your environments and every customer touch point for your brand and products. The end result is a fresh, innovative approach to retail, having customer service you can count on and enjoying the success.

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Creativity is the cornerstone of everything we do. No matter the size of project, we approach every design with the same high level intensity. For our creative group, there is no such thing as business as usual. Everyday provides us with new challenges and we respond with innovative solutions.

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