Spirit International, Inc. Social Principles Doctrine
July 2012


Spirit International, Inc. acknowledges and confirms the absolute necessity that for all of the countries in which it operates, Spirit International, Inc. recognizes and honors the social, legal, political and cultural diversity of these countries and their societies.   Spirit International Inc. constantly works toward following each country’s social, civil and environmental requirements with its own commercial goals under the auspices of these countries’ regulations and laws.

These social principles are part of Spirit International Inc.’s company culture. All employees are called upon to abide by these principles. Business partners and suppliers are requested to accept and follow comparable principles and take them into account in their company policy.

Business Fundamentals

Spirit International, Inc.

  • forbids all forms of discrimination
  • ensures equality of opportunity in recruitment and employment
  • guarantees  compensation that is equal to or above the minimum wage specified
  • rejects any form of forced labor or child labor
  • recognizes employees' freedom of religion and speech
  • insists on the highest standards of safety and health awareness in the workplace
  • practices policies that maximize the sustainability of the environment and eliminates harmful effects on the environment
  • prohibits corruption, including blackmail and bribes
  • adheres to the principles of internationally decreed human rights.



Spirit International, Inc. is dedicated to conducting itself at all times at all levels in such a manner that embraces the highest standards of being an exemplary corporate citizen domestically and internationally. 


Spirit International is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas (TX) and has always pushed to be an industry leader in offering their clients innovative and engaging solutions for over 16 years. Other Spirit International companies and services include: LED lighting tailored to retail settings, POP design and displays, jewelry design, packaging design, children's furniture, golf accessories and an offshore trading company. With over 1,500 employees, domestic and international, Spirit owns and operates its own manufacturing facilities, and maintains strong business relationships with multiple vendors crossing a wide range of capabilities. For more information about Spirit International, go to www.spiriti.com